HKS Turbo Timer Type-1 - Universal

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The Turbo Timer Type-1 features a light blue LCD backlit display and has the same basic timing and voltage features as the Type-0 plus several monitoring and measurement functions you wouldn't expect from a turbo timer! The Type-1 features an Auto mode for the timer function allowing the Turbo Timer to automatically calculate optimum idling time according to the most recent driving pattern. Vehicle speed and RPM can be displayed on the LCD monitor and a speed warning level can be set. A two-stage RPM warning can also be set and used as a shift indicator. When a warning level is reached the LCD monitor will blink and an audible beep will sound. The Turbo-Timer Type-1 can read in either MPH/SAE or KPH/Metric.


  • Manual and Memory Timer Functions including Auto Mode
  • Battery Voltage Display
  • Vehicle Speed Indication: Vehicle speed, peak speed hold, speed warning
  • Engine RPM Indication: RPMs, peak RPM hold, RPM warning
  • KPH and MPH Distance / Time Functions: 0-60 MPH, 0-100 KM, and more
  • Auto or Manual Start for Quarter Mile Function
  • Stopwatch Tool Time Measurement: Total Elapsed Time, Lap Times



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