Hypertech Max Energy Sport Power Programmer 06-09 Honda Civic Si

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One of the most amazing advantages to owning a modern computer controlled performance car is that more power has the potential to be unlocked with just the simple touch of a button. Hyptertech makes this theory a reality; faster, easier and less expensive than ever before! The engineers at Hypertech start with a bone stock Civic Si and through the course of hundreds of dyno runs, they optimize virtually every engine parameter, point by point. Each data point is enhanced through the entire RPM range to increase efficiency, horsepower and torque. Each test vehicle is then taken through street and track performance trials in order to further modify parameters to ensure real-world drivability and enhanced performance for virtually any driving style. The final product results in a comprehensive software tune that is guaranteed to produce better fuel mileage at part throttle, more power at wide open throttle and an overall more dynamic driving experience. With the Hyptertech Max Energy Power Programmer, you can re-tune your Civic Si in only a few short minutes from the comfort of your driver’s seat, without touching a single tool and without even popping the hood! The features don’t stop there! The Hypertech Max Engery Sport Power Programmer is also a fully custom engine management module with the ability to modify rev limiter, thermostat control, top speed limiter, and throttle control (adjustable parameters vary depending on application- see below). It also functions as a scan-gauge and will read and clear all vehicle diagnostic trouble codes and check engine lights (CELs). The Hypertech Max Energy Sport is fully updatable using the provided USB cable and downloading updates from the Hypertech support website. If you ever sell or trade in your Hypertech tuned Civic Si, all modifications are fully reversible and your car can be returned to the stock software calibration at any time. You absolutely will not find an easier and more affordable engine reflash controller than the Hypertech Max Energy Sport Power Programmer!


  • Civic Si Hypertech Features:
  • Power Increase: +10hp@ 8500rpm & +9ft/lbs@ 1900rpm (requires premium fuel)
  • iVTEC Adjustment: -500 to +500 rpms (in 100rpm increments)
  • Adjustable Top Speed Limiter: +25 to +75mph (in 5mph increments)
  • Adjustable Rev Limiter: -500 to +500 rpms
  • Compatible with basic bolt-on performance parts (cold air intake/catback exhaust)
  • Return to stock at any time
  • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (CELs)
  • Internet updatable


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