IHI VF48 Turbocharger Subaru WRX 2002-2007 / STI 2004-2017

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This IHI VF48 turbocharger is a direct replacement for the STI. No need to worry about a retune or anything else, just install this turbo and be on your way. This turbo can produce 350whp making huge power numbers on the Subaru STi.

Fits 02-07 WRX as well as 04+ STI

Part Number 14411AA700

Either replace or remove the inline oil screen as per TSB. If not replaced will cause oil starvation and will not be covered under warranty.


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2003 WRX

, Mar 5, 2012
Its a great turbo bolted right on the downpipe and upipe no problems. I used 650cc and 250lph fuel pump and purchased through josh at import image. Great power!! my buddie has 2004 WRX stage 3 with vf48 and 565cc injectors and was neck and neck with 2007 stage 2 STI It pulls ALOT HARDER!!!
Direct line place meant for oil and water cool lines

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