IIR E85 Fuel Conversion Kit Combo Subaru WRX 2002-2014 / STI 2007-2016

Injector Dynamics
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Injector Dynamics provide the absolute best fuel injectors available, and have quickly become the standard for tuners and car builders worldwide. Injector Dynamics fuel injectors are the result of batch testing large quantities of specially modified fuel injectors, and then carefully matching them into sets based on their dynamic flow across the pulsewidth range. The result is vastly superior cylinder to cylinder consistency, even at very low pulsewidths.

In addition to receiving tightly matched injectors, you will be provided with dead time compensation values across the entire pressure and voltage range of the injector. This data will insure that the compensations in your ECU work properly, and your air fuel ratios will remain consistent as atmospheric or voltage conditions change.

This injectors are not compatible with fuels containing MTBE (specifically VP Q16 or VP Import).

These adaptors allow for a plug and play installation of the Injector Dynamics ID725/850/1000 injectors in to cars with Denso injector connectors.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Injector Dynamics Top Feed 2200cc Fuel Injectors
  • 4x Injector Dymanics Fuel Injector PnP Adapter

    Optional Upgrades:
  • Walbro GSS342 with Install Kit
  • Deatschwerks 340lph Pump Only
  • Deatschwerks 255lph Pump Only
  • Deatschwerks 265lph Pump Only
  • Walbro 400lph E85 Compatiable Fuel Pump & Installation Kit(Universal


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