Import Performance Research Adjustable Short Shifter Subaru WRX 2002-2007

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The Import Performance Research Adjustable Short Shifter is unlike any other! Machined locally right here in Florida.


  • Adjustable height
  • Original Position Marked for easy reset
  • 40% shorter throws
  • High quality to stand up to the hardest of shifts!

One of the best modifications, giving you better control of your vehicle, removing the slop from the factory shifter. Add Bushings and a rear shifter bushing for the ultimate combination of performance!


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IPR Short Shifter-Great product

, Oct 14, 2010
I just installed this on my 07 WRX. Its got a great feel to it. It has a real tight 'new' feel to it. Installation was a breeze for the average 'home' mechanic. I had some issues with the snap ring that attaches to the plastic cup on the underside of the car, but it was my fault for stretching it out too much and it fell off after a day or so of use. The only special tool you need are 'snap ring' pliers, everything else is common hand tools. The only modification you need to do is a little trimming of the metal ring that holds down the inner shift boot. I used a hack-saw and some files and it came out perfect(*Note this will not affect the fitment if you decide to return your shifter to stock);. I think for the price this is a great product, and I look forward to trying some different adjustments for that custom feel.

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