Injen Catback Exhaust Nissan Juke FWD 2011-2014

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One of the first modifications that should be done any serious tuner car is a high quality exhaust system. The Injen Technology performance catback system for your Juke will serve as a triple threat by adding performance, head-turning looks and a unique throaty exhaust tone. All Injen exhaust systems are mandrel bent and robotic TIG welded from high quality 304 stainless steel. Flanges are CNC cut to exacting vehicle specific tolerances, eliminating the chance of warpage and ensuring leak free performance that will last the life of your car. The Injen exhaust systems for the Juke feature 3" piping and are available with both a classic full stainless or burnt titanium outlet and all systems feature Injen's unique flared tip. Unwrap an Injen exhaust and there will be no question that you have made the right choice.


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