Invidia N1 Racing Polished Tip Cat Back Exhaust Subaru WRX / STI 2002-2007



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Invidia Racing N1 Stainless Steel Catback Exhaust for Subaru WRX / STi feature 3in stainless steel piping with no resonator for optimal flow. The the N1 muffler has a JDM look, and a polished 4in titanium tip. This system is louder than the G200 and Regular N1 catbacks - it is exceptionally free-flowing but very loud. the included silencer helps to significantly reduce noise, but this is still a loud exhaust.


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, Feb 27, 2013
I bought this about a year or so ago a long with headers. This exhaust sounds amazing and gives my 04 sti an aggressive look. The silencer helps quite it down a bit but without converters it is still loud. Gotta love the after fire also!

A+ Item and Seller

, Feb 7, 2013
The offical sound of Subaru in my opinion. Bolted straight up with stock hangesr on my 2005 WRX Wagon, fitment was about a millimeter below and the tip comes off about 1-2 cm. Looks great with the burnt tip to add the extra bold factor.

Picture of fit

My rev video

Was shipped from Florida to Arizona in about 5 days! Seller was in constant communication. Can't wait to buy from again! Thanks Josh!

Awesome Sound

, Oct 31, 2011
I bought this exhaust with the Invidia divorced wastegate dp and together they sound awesome! At idle they aren't too loud but when i get on it this exhaust sounds amazing. I also had just the catback portion on and that still sounded good when you would gas it. Must buy if you own a Subaru!

best sounding exhaust around

, Sep 5, 2011
great exhaust and sounds nasty, very loud but i love it for that fact. only 4 stars because one of the hanger welds broke on me after about a year and a half.

Finally my car sounds like it's supposed to

, Jun 17, 2011
This is a really high-quality exhaust. The craftsmanship is excellent and it makes my car sound fantastic. I disagree with the other reviewers that said this exhaust is too loud. It's PERFECT. (Keep in mind I still have the stock DP); In fact, I still kind of want it a little louder. The fitment is great, and all the necessary gaskets are included. NOTE: DON'T do what I did and expect this exhaust to mate up to the stock downpipe. I'm currently running the stock DP with this CBE and it leaks because this CBE is designed to mate up to a 3", flat-flange DP, not the stock, 2.5", donut gasket setup. You would think it would be easy enough to find an adapter, but it's not. The adapter that ImportImage sells is for 3" DP -> stock 2.5" CBE. This is the reverse of that scenario (stock 2.5" DP to 3" CBE); and the adapter will not work both ways. That's probably because most people just buy an exhaust that is designed to fit whatever DP they are running and THAT's WHAT YOU SHOULD DO. If you have the stock DP, buy a CBE that fits it. If you have an aftermarket DP, buy an exhaust that fits it. Don't buy an improperly sized piece and then have to worry about adapters. Trust me =D (also, as far as fitment goes, this CBE lined-up perfectly, and worked with the stock exhaust hangers, which is why I said that the fitment was good. The 2.5" to 3" mating issues are not a problem with the product, but rather with my choice of exhaust);

Great buy

, Jan 16, 2011
Very nice CBE! Awesome welds, great sound, price, and fitment. It is a little on the loud side but one of the best sounding and looking exhausts on the angle exit market. I've had mine for about a 2 years and would definately buy again!

Subie rumble anyone?

, Nov 3, 2009
This exhaust definatly brings out the boxer rumble. It is a little on the loud side when your on the gas in any way shape or form, but it sounds sooooo nice. Havn't tried it with the silencer in yet. If you want a loud great sounding exhaust that is top quality then this is it. Try the street version if you wan't to cut down a bit on the noise. Only four stars cuz I need to heat wrap a small section that hits under the car, but other than that its perfect.

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