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The new ISC N1 Coilovers offer a sporty feel that can be taken to the track but driven on the street comfortably everyday. With 32 way adjustable dampening that will operate smoothly on all road surfaces, they also include precise control dump valves, expansion and suppression of the shock adjustments. Made with highly rigid steel piston rods that will meet race/sport standards, the N1 coilovers are very durable and made from SAE9254 steel construction that has been tested over half a million times with less than five percent deformation. A single large cylinder and piston design will advance stability on and off the track, held by a T6061 aluminum bracket specially anodized to prevent corrosion and rust. Upgraded Thrust Bearing Kit are included on all N1 ISC coilovers to eliminate the chance of the normal spring bind that you would get on most aftermarket coilovers.

If you are looking for a good coilover that has micro adjustability, SO9001: 2000R Certified, ARTC Certified, five year warranty, completely rebuildable and the capability of going three inches lower than stock this is that coilover you have been looking for. All ISC Suspension products are made in-house at the ISC's New Hampshire location and also hand assembled. ISC's number one goal is to have the best customer service in the industry.


  • Now come with thrust bearings
  • 32 Step Damper Adjustable
  • Precise control damp valve
  • Operates smoothly on all road surfaces
  • Expansion/Suppression of shock adjustment Pillowball Uppermount
  • Piston Rod Design - High rigidity steel piston rods
  • Made from high quality SAE9254 steel
  • Ride Height Adjustable
  • Full length height adjustable
  • Bound adjustable with separate spring locks
  • Aluminium Bracket
  • Specifically anodized surface to prevent inside corrosion and surface rust
  • Single Cylinder Design
  • Larger cylinder and piston design to advance driving stability and dexterity

Adjustable camber allows more/less on road track for all conditions. N1 Series coilovers meets with race/sport standards Sports Spring. Tested over 500,000 times on compression inspection with less than 5% deformation. They are made with high quality T6061 aluminum alloy used for all adjustment locks to provide a lightweight design that holds spring and vehicle down force. On various models camber can also be adjusted via the bracket as well as the camber tops.

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4 customers have reviewed this product.

Awesome Coilovers!

, May 26, 2013
These coilovers are great for the price. They handle great, ride great, easy to adjust, and fitment was perfect. I've had them for a little over a year and theyre still in great shape! The guys here at IIR always take good care of me, Thanks!!!

Very Satisfied

, Mar 13, 2013
These coilovers seemed to be well reviewed everywhere I read about them. I have to agree that they are great for the price. I only had a couple of issues with mine. The tops and the knuckle mounts were backwards (left top on right bottom, and vice-versa) which confused me for a minute when trying to install on the front. The mounts for the brake lines were also bent, but easily bent back into place with some vice-grips. There is no mount for the ABS sensor on the front struts. Once installed they are easy to adjust and the ride quality is great. Best of all, after a ride around the block, the <$1000 was happily wife approved. IIR was great, fast shipping and friendly service.

Car: 2001 Impreza RS Coupe

Can't beat it

, Aug 19, 2012
For street use these are perfect. My only gripe is I wish the rear spring rate was stiffer, but that's because I'm running a 9" wide wheel (+42 offset) on a wrx wagon so I had to roll the fenders and adjust the camber slightly. Other wise, great coilovers! Highly recommend!!

great handeling for the price!

, Jul 5, 2012
i was interested in changeing over to coilovers but was on a budget so i could complete my suspension project on my 06 wrx wagon, after talking to Josh he recommended the ISC N1 so i purchased them along with anti-sway bars & strut tower braces & am very stoked on the outcome! The car corners & handles very good, Another thing that was a positive feedback was from a person who dyno tuned my car , when we went for a test drive he was really impressed with the handleing & he asked me what kind of set up i had ,i explained what i'd done & what i spent, he thought that was a great deal ! This is a guy who bulids & races Subies & other track vehicles. Oh yeah, the height adjusting & 32 way ride adjustment are pretty simply to change. I Highly recommend these coilovers!!

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