K1 Std. Weight 100mm Crankshaft for 93-99 Eclipse

K1 Technologies
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It is no secret that K1 Technologies has the innovation and resources bring you some of the best performance crankshafts available on the market today. All K1 crankshafts are 4340 steel, core hardened and tempered to reduce stress and optimize tensile strength. K1 Technologies crankshafts are made with a nitriding process for optimal hardening, designed to prevent softening between the journals and eventual deformation. K1 crankshafts also feature straight oil holes for more efficient rod journal oiling. Each K1 crankshaft is magnetic particle inspected and held to a maximum tolerance of .0002in journal dimension. Counterweights are placed for optimal load reduction and ease of balancing. K1 Technologies connecting rods are quality built from billet 4340 steel for superior strength in high horsepower applications. K1 has also called upon the experts at ARP fasteners to design special K1 proprietary rod bolts with asymmetrical threads to equally load each thread when under pressure. K1 rods are shot peened for improved fatigue life and are finished in the USA using only state of the art Sunnen hones. K1 rod housing bore tolerances of +/- .000050in (50 millionths) match some of the tightest accepted tolerances in the industry. All K1 rod sets are weight-matched to +/- 1 gram and boxed with the individual rotating, reciprocating, and total weights conveniently noted for balancing. A special wrist pin bushing material is also used with these assemblies offering optimal friction reduction.


  • Note:
  • Includes main and rod journals
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse 1993-1999 4G63 (7 Bolt ONLY)


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