King Performance Main Bearing Set Mitsubishi EVO X 2008-2015

King Engine Bearings

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XP bearings are designed for dedicated track applications or street cars that may see extended circle track racing or endurance events. Formed from enhanced tri-metal copper lead construction, XP bearings utilize a nickel barrier fused with a SecureBond adhesion process. XP bearings feature a 15%-30% greater load capacity than traditional bearings and 0.0005" matallurgically enhanced and hardened performance overlay for extended fatigue resistance. XP main bearings are 1/2 grooved for uncompromised lower shell load capacity.

Proper support via upgraded main bearings is crucial to prevent oscillations and wear that can damage the crankshaft and other components. Bearings with extra oil clearance will absorb the stress of higher horsepower motors greater, but will see increased wear during start up. We recommend these be purchased by experienced professionals only.


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