KSTech StockMAF Cold Air Intake Subaru STI 2015-2017

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KStech offers American made high quality craftsmenship for your cold air intake on your Subaru STI. They have a precision CNC-machined MAF Flange, beautiful welds done locally, and clean, accurate waterjet cutting of heat shield and brackets.The AEM DryFlow oil-free filter is standard on the cold air intakes.


  • Quality StockMAF cold-air intake for the 2015+ Subaru STI.
  • Stock MAF calibration is good up to about 350awhp.
  • Fitment with front-mount intercoolers (FMIC) is not yet determined.
  • High filter location eliminates typical-CAI worries about water ingestion.

Tuning is recommended but not absolutely required:

  • For stock and off-the-shelf Stage 1 or 2 maps, tuning is not required but recommended for max. performance and safety.
  • Custom tunes should always be at least checked with any new modification like this intake.
  • It took 4 prototypes to get this intake to duplicate the stock calibration.
  • No idle issues or CEL's!

Optional Heat Shield is recommended and lowers intake temperature by 10-20 degrees.

  • Heat Shield comes notched to clear intercooler piping when needed.
  • Powder coated semi-flat black.
  • Comes with mounting bracket when no Heat Shield is selected.


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