KW Clubsport Coilovers w/ Mounts Mitsubishi EVO 8 / 9 2003-2006

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KW developed the Clubsport line of coilovers for the enthusiast. This line of coilovers combines technology from motorsports suited for track events and still manages to hold the balance of performance and comfort on the street.The tuning is weighed heavily for racetrack type events but maintains some comfort characteristics for use on everyday roads. Suspension set-ups tailored for performance street driving produce less then optimum results on the racetrack. Weve developed the KW clubsport coilover for this enthusiast. Adjustments where made by altering the spring- and damper set-up and by fitting racing top mountsKW clubsport coilover suspensions for on and off the track performance.


  • Performance adjustment for the race course
  • Dampers can be indepently adjusted for rebound and compression
  • Use of high-performance- / racing springs
  • Optionally available with racing top mounts

According to specification, available with certificate by the German Technical Control Board 

Part Number: KW 35265806


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