Magnaflow Cat Back Exhaust Subaru WRX 2015-2017

Magnaflow Performance
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Wait so you’re saying that MagnaFlow makes an exhaust system for my car? You read it right, MagnaFlow does indeed have a cat back exhaust system available for your vehicle, and here is why you should make it a consideration.

We already know that MagnaFlow is a household name in the exhaust industry. But they are an establishment for a reason. They know what it takes to make a performance exhaust system that will increase performance while improving the sound of your car. They have the technology, and all the required ingredients to make for a proven exhaust system.

This exhaust system has been crafted out of mandrel bent 409 stainless steel, and features 3 inch tubing, and has quad-round tips for an enhanced look. Finally, the exhaust hangers are in the stock location, and no further alterations are needed to the rear bumper for installation. 


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