MagnaFlow Catalytic Converter Mazda RX-8 2004-2011

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In our modern emissions conscious society, MagnaFlow knows that environmental protection and street legality is important to many performance enthusiasts. That’s why the experts at MagnaFlow have come up with their 49-state legal OEM style replacement catalytic converters for the 04-10 Mazda RX-8. Unlike other costly ‘converters’ on the market that function purely as a restriction and offer no legal protection, MagnaFlow designs their systems to pass strict 49-state EPA emissions and cost hundreds less than the OEM replacement parts. MagnaFlow also includes their industry leading Lifetime Warranty with all catalytic converter products, so you are guaranteed to enjoy great performance for years to come.

MagnaFlow OEM grade converters meet or exceed the requirements of the original converter in order for you to pass emissions. As with all MagnaFlow products, quality is top notch and the best materials are used so you can be sure that the quality you expect from the OEM converter is surpassed.


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