MBRP Rectangle Tips Catback Exhaust 2010-2011 Camaro SS V8(Auto)

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More muscle, more power, more sound...MBRP Inc. has what you're looking for. After long hours of R&D, MBRP is happy to bring you the latest in high performance exhaust in their muscle car line. Each exhaust is tuned to bellow out a classic muscle car sound that makes the Camaro sound the way should have from the factory. In case your Camaro is not turning enough heads already the MBRP cat-back with a true X-pipe is sure to grab some attention. The Camaro systems are finished in fully polished dual wall T-304 stainless steel tips in your choice of round or square tips that follow the contour of the skirt opening on Camaros equipped with the optional ground effects package.

MBRP designed their Camaro specific mufflers to sound aggressive when you want them to, but still be mellow enough to leave the house without waking up the neighbors. The instant throttle response and extra pull is noticeable and will leave you smiling every time you get in the car. On the MBRP dyno, the Camaro SS made 20RWHP and 24ft/lb!

MBRP's 409 and 304 stainless steel systems are guaranteed for the life of your car. 304 is the most common stainless steel due to its long lasting finish; it will shine forever. 409 stainless steel will eventually develop an oxidation / rust layer yet will last much longer than mild steel. For those living in a corrosive environment with salt exposure we recommend going with 304.


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