Megan Racing Catback Exhaust Mini Cooper 2002-2006

Megan Racing
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The Mini Cooper has an extremely long heritage in racing. From its beginnings, the car was always a small, quick and nimble automobile that was extremely fun to drive. It was not very powerful, but it had amazing handling. In 2002, BMW took over the production of the Mini Cooper; redesigning the Mini Cooper, which had gone untouched for so many years, was not an easy task, but BMW managed to bring the compact car to modern appeal.

When BMW started to produce the Mini Cooper, they incorporated their own long line of racing heritage and racing technology in the project to come up with the Mini Cooper that you see today. With it s Bulldog-Like stance, light weight, and low center of gravity the Mini Cooper was designed to handle.

The Mini Cooper came with two models, each with two trims; the Cooper and the Cooper S. The Cooper S is the sportier model with the 1.6L Supercharged motor, the available 6-Speed Getrag transmission and the sportier suspension which was also available on the base-model Cooper.

The Mini Cooper, however, wasn't a boring car at all. It was still quick with it's 1.6L Naturally-Aspirated motor and Close-Ratio 5-Speed Transmission; it\'s light chassis still was wide and maintained a low center of gravity to give it amazing handling capabilities. There was nothing "base" about the base-model at all... the potential is still there, it was simply a matter of driver preference.

Megan Racing realizes this fact and continues to develop products for both the Cooper and the Cooper S. The exhaust system developed by BMW for the redesigned Mini was pretty sporty, with it s mellow tone and nice "burble" upon throttle-let off. But being manufactured by BMW now, the conservative hand does come into play. Megan Racing had already developed a system for the Cooper S and with the voice of the Mini Cooper community has developed a Cat-Back exhaust system for the Mini Cooper as well.

With it's 2.25" piping, sleek Oval-Canister and 3" Slash-Cut tip all developed within the desires of the North American Motoring community, this exhaust has a nice low and deep tone. With very little interior resonance, this exhaust maintains the elegance of the BMW while on the outside it makes itself known as the sporty car that it truly is.


Mini Cooper (Non-S) 2002-2006 MK1

- T-304 Stainless Steel Construction
- Smooth Mandrel Bends
- Sleek Oval-Canister retains Factory-Type appearance and elegance.
- Low Interior resonance.
- Deep-Mellow Tone w/ Aggressive Wide-Open Throttle.
- 3" Slash-Cut Tip.
- 1-Year Warranty against defects.

MSRP : $418.00


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