Megan Racing Rear Camber Kit 2001-2006 Lexus LS430

Megan Racing
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Megan Racing Inc. has developed reinforced and adjustable control arms to accommodate the needs of the aggressive and performance oriented tuner. Being constructed of a Lightweight Steel-Alloy which is able to withstand the stresses of extreme competition, these arms are powder coated with a 3-Stage process to ensure durability and protection against the elements.
These rear lower Camber-Arms are adjustable to fine tune your cars handling in the rear. When lowering a car, these will eliminate premature tire wear caused by the rear wheels riding upon the inside tread only.
    APPLICATION: - Lexus 2001-06 LS430
    - Minimum Arm Length: 17 1/8" (435mm)
    - Maximum Arm Length: 19 1/8" (485mm)
    - Constructed of Steel Alloy for Lightweight yet Durable performance.
    - Hard Rubber bushings for a more direct feel and driving experience.
    - Easy to access turnbuckle-style adjustment.
    - Can be adjusted without removing from the vehicle.
    - Eliminates Premature Tire Wear while improving handling and stability.


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