Megan Racing Up Pipe WRX / STI Subaru Turbo Models 2002-2017

Megan Racing
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Subaru has always been unique with their powerplant layout; their opposed 4-Cylinder engines lay flat and have a complex exhaust system. This was ideal for performance and space savings and made an amazing sound. However, emissions came in and Subaru placed a very restrictive Catalytic Converter before the turbocharger which drastically slowed down the velocity of the exhaust gasses and put a damper on performance and turbo spool time.Megan Racing has developed an Up-Pipe which elliminates the Catalytic Converter before the Turbocharger. This allows the exhaust gasses to retain their velocity as they enter the turbocharger and spool the turbo quicker for a noticable drop in boost lag.

Constructed of T-304 Stainless Steel, this light weight replacment pipe is 2in in Diameter and features a 3in Flex-Section that reduces stress on the exhaust system and the tendency to crack under heavy-duty loads and extreme conditions.The Up-Pipe also has the bung w/ cap for the OEM EGT sensor and is a Direct Bolt-On for the 2002-05 Subaru Impreza WRX and STi. Please note that this product like all Megan Racing exhaust products were designed for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY and may not be emissions legal in your state. Please check local laws and regulations before ordering.

Note: Does not fit the FA20 engines.


- Constructed of Durable T-304 Stainless Steel

- Polished to a Mirror Finish.

- 2in Piping Diameter.

- 3in Flex-Section to reduce stress on the exhaust system.

- Accomidates OEM EGT sensor.


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