Mooresport Rear Subframe Brace Subaru WRX / STI 2002-2007

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A major problem when lowering a vehicles center of gravity is that most teams do not consider how this affects the factory wheel geometry and roll centers. 

A change in the vehicles ride height can drastically affect the path a wheel will take through the range of suspension travel. Camber and toe can vary to a point that the car goes from over-steer, to under-steer characteristics in a mere 3mm of wheel travel.

MSI has addressed this handling issue with all Subaru Impreza's that use McPherson struts in the rear by developing a rear Subframe that corrects suspension geometry on lowered vehicles (up to 1” with factory fuel tanks in place on the standard units.)

This Subframe is manufactured using the latest technology in CNC Tub cutting as well as mandrel bending. Each unit coming off the production line is assembled in a heavy duty jig, and is then verified in a separate jig after stress relief is completed over a 24 hour cool down period.

Each frame comes with installation studs that automatically centers the frame on each chassis using tapered fittings, as well as bearings for the differential installation. As an added benefit to correct wheel geometry, this unique design will eliminate significant amounts of chassis flex in the rear end, differential knocking under hard acceleration or shifts, as well as variances in wheel alignments due to bushings changing location, flex, or deformation.

This tubular Subaru Subframe assembly will benefit any street or race car with coil-over suspension systems. The MSI Subframe is lighter than the factory assembly by 50%, while increasing the rigidity and consistency of the rear suspension system beyond what is commonly seen in the North American marketplace.


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