Moroso Oil Accumulator Heavy Duty 3QT - Universal

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The Accumulator is tapped to the pressure side of the engine's oiling system. When the engine is running, oil pressure forces reserve oil into the accumulator and compresses the air ahead. 

If oil pressure should suddenly drop because of hard acceleration, severe cornering or hard braking, the air pressure immediately sends oil to the main galleries. When the danger is over and the pump is once again primed with oil, the oil pressure forces oil back into the Accumulator where it is ready for the next emergency. 

Moroso Oil Accumulators provide an instantaneous supply of oil when pressure falls below a safe level. The professional series Accumulator, designed for all-out competition. 

All Accumulators store oil under pressure and automatically release that oil to the main galleries when oil pressure drops. Moroso Accumulators can also be used to manually pre-lube engines before starting to prevent cold-start scuffing and premature bearing wear.


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