NRG 4 Point Lower Chassis Brace Subaru WRX / STI 2002-2007



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This product stiffens up the chassis by connecting the two most rigid parts of a vehicle? chassis, the strut towers. By linking these two parts on opposing sides as one, lateral forces onto the body can be effectively subdued. Results in significantly less roll and chassis twist under hard cornering situations. Also results in more responsive cornering and increased driver feedback and steering feel.

Features:Fully Aluminum construction from shaft to mounting brackets.

Part Number: LBR-304


2 customers have reviewed this product.

Good product

, May 10, 2013
Seen it close actually made me appreciate the workmanship on this item. Really light and strong, cannot wait to install it.

better control

, Aug 20, 2012
Just installed over the weeknd. Great price and install was a pain for back bolts but once done very easy to finish install. Also took out slop when goin over bumps. Better improved turn in. Very light in weight and welds are perfect. Also not pink like those cheap ebay braces lol!

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