Okada Projects Plasma Spark Kit Subaru WRX 2002-2005

Okada Projects
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The Okada Projects' Plasma Spark is a spark plug boot (socket) specially designed and developed to work as a secondary ignition amplifier. An Okada Projects Plasma Spark for the Suabru WRX creates stronger sparks in a very short time (nano-seconds), creating a faster flame front and quicker light-off of the fuel mixture kernel to complete combustion. With Okada Projects Plasma Spark installed on your Subaru WRX, you can feel increased torque in low RPM and get more horsepower in higher RPMs. Installing Plasma Sparks is an easy direct bolt-in to the engine, no splicing or cutting into stock wiring: Simply replace the OEM Subaru spark plug with Okada Projects Plasma Spark Boots.


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