Perrin Black 2.4in Turbo Inlet Hose Subaru WRX 2002-2007 / STI 2004-2017

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Perrin's turbo inlet hose for the stock WRX and STi features 5-ply silicone construction with a wire mesh for maximum durability. Silicone construction means extreme resistance to heat soak, and a smooth internal passageway, unlike the corrugated rubber stock Subaru WRX & STi inlet.

The 3in turbo inlet is made for bigger than stock turbos and will not fit the factory one. If you've upgraded your turbo then it's a great idea to upgrade your turbo inlet. This allows for freer and more air to enter the system ultimately creating more power. 2.4 inch on back order frequently please check with IIR sales rep if you need it quickly before ordering! 5/13/10 update, 10 in stock!Perrin's silicone construction ensures the maximum possible tube diameter is utilized, and the non-corrugated interior allows for optimal airflow; opening up the intake tract and making more power!


  1. The 3in turbo inlet WILL NOT fit the factory turbo.
  2. New design includes a wire mesh reinforced silicone that resists collapsing.
  3. May require removal of intake manifold for installation.


3 customers have reviewed this product.

Great Product

, Mar 19, 2015
This product is great and very well made. It is inherently annoying to install but is not the fault of the product. Once it is in everything hooks up perfectly.
Only thing I would not is that in the included instructions it says to trim one of the hoses. I would try first before you cut. I cut first and now it seems awkwardly stretched in order to reach where it needs to go.

Nice piece

, Dec 29, 2012
Have to agree with EL TORO with the difficulty of squeezing this sucker underneath. Taking the intake manifold would have made it easier, but I didnt feel like replacing the gaskets or undoing all those connections. Not only that, since there was a leak in my oem turbo inlet, i could break it. That made the removal process a lot faster.

Besides the squeezing/twisting in the new turbo inlet, the rest of the install was straightforward and easy.The hardest was getting my bpv hose to connect nicely with the inlet.

Funny, like the other comment, im running a cobb sri, box, and silicone post maf. I can see how cutting would make the fitment a tad bit better. But, like he said it isnt necessary.

All in all happy with this product and its quality.

Good product, frustrating install

, Apr 30, 2012
Just put this on my car today. It works great, the spool is around 300-400 faster and more smooth throughout the revs. The downside is that this thing is a pain to squeeze under your intake manifold and I would highly suggest removing it to avoid headaches, swearing, and bloody hands. Also if you are running the Cobb sf intake+box combo like me, the figment of the aftermaf hose is a little questionable and also creates a tight fit. Cutting the hose about an inch would make a nice fit but is not necessary.

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