Perrin Catless Up Pipe Subaru WRX 2002-2014 / STI 2004-2017

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Constructed from tig-welded T-321 stainless steel with 1/2in thick flanges, the Perrin uppipe for your WRX and STI is designed to handle the extreme heat of your Subaru's turbocharged engine without warping or cracking. Bolt this product up to your turbo and you will experience quicker spool, more power and snappier low end throttle response. The Perrin uppipe includes detailed instructions and new studs to make installation of this part as easy as possible. The Perrin uppipe does delete the factory EGT sensor on 02-05 WRX models, so engine management or the 'resistor mod' will be necessary to eliminate the inevitable check engine light that you encounter. Please call for more information. Replacement gaskets are recommended but not included.

Part Number: PSP-EXT-100


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Awesome product!!

, Aug 4, 2010
This uppipe is a great upgrade for any wrx. If you have a 02-05 wrx you should really replace your uppipe due to the cat before the turbo. The cat can break up and ruin your turbo. This uppipe has been in my car for 3+ years and I haven't had any problems. Spool of the turbo was noticably increased. The install of any uppipe is a pain some say since this doesn't have a flex pipe it's more of a pain. I have seen flex sectioned uppipes implode restricting the airflow to the size of your pinkey. This uppipe is great quality and is a perfect fit. It has given me zero issues and I recommend it to anyone replacing the uppipe in their car.

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