Perrin Positive Steering Response Kit Subaru WRX / STI 2008-2014

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Your 08-10 Subaru STI factory control arm bushings are made of highly flexible rubber. They are designed to allow for up and down motion, but unfortunately also allow for side-to-side motion which causes sloppy steering, deflection, and a reduction in steering precision and braking stability. There have also been a few cases of the factory bushings wearing and cracking prematurely. The picture to the left shows the PSRS pressed into a stock control arm.

The Perrin PSRS for the 08-11 Subaru STI is a spherical control arm bearing with zero side-to-side movement. It presses into the factory location, allowing for the intended stock up and down range of motion, while virtually eliminating side-to-side motion, allowing for increased stability, better control, and more responsive steering. Besides removing all the unwanted flex of the OEM bushing, the PSRS has an offset to where the bushing is mounted. This allows the installer to add almost 3-3.5 degrees of caster to the front suspension. Caster is the angle at which the steering knuckle rotates on. Adding caster makes the car turn in faster by providing a larger contact patch as the wheels turn on the steering axis. The WRX PSRS kit consists of 2 spherical bearing replacement front control arm bushings.

Part Number: PSP-SUS-410


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