Perrin Rear Stout Mounts Subaru WRX / STI 2002-2007

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Any rear bar can be purchased with or without the added benefits of our Stout-Mount system. This is another factory flaw. The Stout Mounts are a connection between the unibody and the rear sway bar. Subaru chose to use cheap stamped steel. While great to keep costs down it certainly wont help you go around that next bend in anything resembling a spirited fashion. Impreza owners can take full advantage of the 6061 billet aluminum mounts. These mounts are overbuilt to handle the added stiffness of upgraded swaybars. You will never have to worry about these failing!

Fits all Impreza 1993-2007, WRX 2002-2007, STi 2002-2007, Forester 2004-2007


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