Perrin Uppipe Subaru Legacy GT 2005-2009

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The Perrin Legacy GT uppipe has been show start turbo spool 500RPM earlier. Constructed from tig-welded T-321 stainless steel with 1/2in thick flanges, the Perrin uppipe is designed to handle the extreme heat of your Subaru's turbocharged engine without warping or cracking.

The Legacy GT has an EGT sensor in the factory uppipe. Perrin has chosen to eliminate the factory EGT sensor, which the car only uses in the unlikely event that both oxygen sensors fail. As boost levels increase, the EGT sensor can read falsely and trigger "limp-home" mode, reducing performance; even worse, the sensor could possibly break off and damage the turbocharger. To combat this, Perrin has eliminated the sensor bung in their uppipe as it is unnecessary and can cause turbo damage. When removing this sensor, you will need a resistor (about 25 cents from Radio Shack)to prevent a check engine light (CEL) -- just bring in the picture below to get what you need.

The Perrin uppipe includes detailed instructions and new studs to attach to your turbo. It does NOT include gaskets, which we reccomend replacing, and you will need a resistor for the 05-07 Legacy GT, see the picture below.

Part Number: PSP-EXT-100


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