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Basic Turbo Setup

  • Stock Turbo (VF or TD04)(must come stock on your car. A VF is not a stock setup on a 02-05wrx)
  • Stock Injectors (must come stock on your car)
  • Stock Size Intake (65mm – anything larger requires a wideband)
  • If you are utilizing a 70mm or larger intake, non-stock injectors, larger turbo, FMIC, cams, headwork, v7/8/9 swap, hybrid motor, or a built motor, please see the Advanced Setups for pricing.

Additional Maps

  • E85
  • Race Gas
  • Gas Saver

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 239-540-6385.

**Wideband and Wideband logging cable required for all e-tunes (AEM Uego recommended)**


5 customers have reviewed this product.

Great guy, great service

, Dec 13, 2012
Mikey took my poor WRX with a seized motor and made it 500hp ready. RELIABLY ready! He's a great guy, easy to work with and wont leave you hangin in the breeze. So good that EFI Logics in Bethel, CT has used him as an interim tuner till a replacement for Chris can be found...if that is even possible. IIR teamed up with PhatBotti is a definite WIN. Purchase with confidence.

Mike and Ron do what's best and are in the know of the newest techniques and part development/knowledge of attributed use

, Mar 5, 2012
Phatbotti tuning is a group of owners turned tuners who have a mastery of hard work and sweating over data to make the best choices for your's and their's vehicles!

Should have came with the car!

, Nov 29, 2011
I use PhatBotti every time I need a tune, from a new car break in tune , to custom stage maps, I know they will not only give me gobs of extra power but safely , my new map even feels better than stock! Phatbotti! Hands down the only ones I trust to tune my cars.

Amazing E-Tuning abilities and GREAT guys

, Jun 25, 2011
I've had Ron from Phatbotti tune my car twice, once when I was on stock turbo (2005 STi); and stage 2 + E85 and again when I upgraded to an ATP GT3076 turbo with supporting mods (1200cc injectors, AP 3" inlet, KSTech 73mm intake, TGV deletes, etc.);. He dialed the car in, and I've had STi & Evo shop owners and others drive my car and pronounce it one of the funnest STi's they've ever driven. With Ron and Mikey tuning, you get serious attention to detail. Ron dials in every parameter, not just WOT which is not the typical service you get at a shop when getting tuned. How can a good tune only take 1-2 hours of testing!?! Go on NASIOC and read how people rave about these guys. I took a chance with Ron early on, before he blew up as one of the best E-tuners, and I'm proud to support him and Phatbotti tuning, because they continue to answer questions, review new logs, and offer revisions based on my driving needs.

great tuners

, Jan 24, 2011
great experience. will have them tune every time i have new upgrades requiring a tune. quick with responses and make sure that you have the best tune possible.

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