PRL Front Mount Intercooler Kit Subaru WRX 2015-2017

PRL Motorsports
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We have been working hard to bring what we feel is one of the best fitting and performing front mount intercooler kits to the market for the 2015+ WRX. Our kits feature a high quality 600 - 650hp rated 22"x12"x3.5" intercooler core. Our 650hp core intercoolers have been taken to almost 800hp with no problem, so rest assured knowing that these cores will make big power, but also are small enough to reduce / eliminate turbo lag. Mated to this core are CNC'd billet aluminum end tanks to maximize airflow while still looking as smooth as they'll flow!
A great amount of time was spent making sure we could manufacture such a well-fitting, aesthetically pleasing kit. No cutting or trimming is required anywhere, not even the bumper! Our kit was designed to work and fit with all OEM components, but also be compatible with most aftermarket parts like intakes, recirc valves (BOV options are in the works) and many more! We also planned to make sure this kit is compatible with our upcoming turbo kit!
The passenger side intercooler pipe is angled up in the picture and we assure everyone that the piece fits straight. 2 brackets for added safety are also not shown and being welded tomorrow, as well as the machined washer bottle piece will be updated later this week! Our pipes are also being sent out to be digitized and bent to minimize welds and production time.
Kit Includes:
  • CNC'd billet end tank 600hp - 650hp core intercooler
  • Intercooler mounting brackets
  • Bead-rolled and powder coated black aluminum intercooler piping featuring our cnc'd turbine outlet flange
  • High quality 4-ply PRL silicone couplers
  • Stainless T-bolt clamps
  • Vacuum Lines
  • Zipties
  • Recirculation hoses with stainless clamps
  • Machined washer fluid neck
  • Intake mounting bracket w/ hardware
  • All necessary hardware for installation


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