Race Ramps Rack Ramp System - Universal

Race Ramps
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Rack Ramps are a must for service centers and owners of four post lifts. Rack Ramps enable you to get modified or exceptionally low cars onto a service platform or lift without damaging the front end and let you finally forget about those 70+ pound portable steel ramps. The unique textured surface prevents slippage, and each ramp weighs in at a featherweight 10 pounds each! Rack-5 Ramps are designed to accommodate four post lift with removable ramps. They have a lip that bridges over the operating rods or cables that run in front of the steel beam. Rack-4 Ramps are for a lift that has ramps permanently attached. They have a notch in them to accommodate the existing ramp and decrease the angle of approach by making the slope longer. Kits include a set of 2 Rack Ramps.


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