Race Ramps Roll-Ups - Universal

Race Ramps
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Race Ramps Roll-Ups are designed to be used in with 56 inch or 67 inch Race Ramps or 40 inch Sport Ramps. Roll-Ups raise the opposite end of the your car up 4 inches when using Race or Street Ramps, enabling you to complete more difficult tasks and installations such as swapping out an exhaust system. Roll-Ups will also raise the front or rear a lowered vehicle to allow the use of a standard floor jack. Roll-Ups can be used for tires up to 12 inches wide and weigh only 4.5 pounds each. Kit includes a set of 2 Roll-Ups.

Note:Race Ramps highly recommends the use of wheel chocks with all Race Ramp products for increased safety.

Part Number: RR-RU


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