SPL Solid Subframe Conversion Bushings 89-94 Nissan 240sx

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Our SPL SOLID subframe conversion bushings are designed to allow S14/S15 subframes to be mounted on the S13 chassis or vice-versa.  

Our SPL SOLID bushings prevent the subframe from "bouncing around" under drivetrain torque or suspension load, maintaining optimum suspension geometry and reducing wheel hop.  Our slide-in shim system allows you to quickly raise or lower the subframe to fine-tune the roll center/anti-squat behavior to your preference.  Raising the subframe will compensate roll center for a lowered car at the expense of increasing anti-squat.  Lowering the subframe will decrease anti-squat at the expense of roll center. 

SPL SOLID series bushings are precision CNC machined from billet aluminum for excellent fit.  Our bushing kit also includes optional rubber isolation washers to reduce noise transfer from the subframe to the chassis. 

Made in the USA.


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