SSP TX Race Catch Can Kit Nissan R35 GTR 2009-2015

South Side Performance
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SSP Texas is proud to release our new Catch Can kit for the R35 GTR. The kit replaces the OEM

Coolant Sub-Tank and incorporates a Catch Can and Coolant Tank, all in one unit. CNC formed

aluminum is fully TIG welded, all fittings are CNC cut and welded inside for a cleaner appearance.

OEM radiator cap goes right on the replacement can.

The new Catch Can Kit will keep the crank case venting to the catch can instead of the intakes,

extending turbo life and preventing oiling of the intake and compressor. The kit includes new press-in

fittings for the valve covers converting them to a -10AN fitting and connects to the OEM coolant hoses.

Enlarging the diameter of the vent hose provides better breathing for the crank case. Installation is

straight forward, taking 1-2 hours for a complete install. The Catch Can uses 100% OEM fitment and

mounting points, for ease of installation.



-Anodized Black Aluminum Catch Can – Tig Welded, CNC Fittings

-High Quality Black Braided AN Hose, with re-usable hose ends vent the crankcase to the Catch Can.

-CNC Valve Cover Fittings to adapt the OEM valve covers to -10AN without welding.

-100% Made in the USA.

-OEM Fitment, no modification necessary for mounting.


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