Stance Super Sport+ SSD Coilover Kit 93-01 Subaru Impreza GC6/8

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Super Sport+ coilover has all the features of the Super Sport+ but adds the benefit of a helper spring. The helper spring allows the shock piston to be placed in the optimal position within the shock body, increasing rebound stroke, and maximizing articulation on cars with minimum suspension travel. Super Sport+ [SS-D] The Special Setting Dampers were developed to meet the special demands of the circuit. The SS-D is valved to work in conjunction with race tires to maximize traction. The Super Sport+ SS-D were used to win national titles in both drifting and time attack; setting the highest benchmark for itself - winning.


  • Adjustment Knob15-Way Damping Adjustable
  • Upper Pillowball Bearing Adjustable Camber Uppermount
  • Upper Pillowball Bearing Pillowball Uppermount
  • Spring Cold Wound Linear Spring
  • Monotube Inverted Monotube Shocks
  • Dustboot Dustboot
  • Collar Aluminum Collars & Upper Mounts
  • Bracket Height Adjustable Lower Bracket
  • Tender Spring Helper Spring



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