SteamSpeed STX 76 Turbocharger 8cm Subaru WRX 2002-2007 / STI 2004-2017

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Upgrading your turbo is one of the best HP increasing modifications you can make for your WRX/STI.  Also, selecting a turbo with the best components is essential to getting the most out of your investment.  Steam Turbocharges combines the best in advanced compressor and turbine aerodynamics with OE quality manufacturing to produce the STX line turbochargers.

The STX line of turbochargers from Steam feature Garrett GTX style billet compressor wheels and light weight turbines wheels.  Steam STX compressors are able to out flow similarly sized billet compressors from others thanks to Steam’s custom made 11-blade billet compressor wheels with next generation of aerodynamics first introduced by Garrett GTX turbos.  Steam STX turbos also feature a unique low inertia 9-blade turbine design that decreases spool time, and increases transient boost response and peak power potential.

We understand that picking the right turbo for your car is critical to achieve your goals for responsiveness and power.  The STX 76 is a 64 lbs/min turbo based off of the Garrett GTX3076R compressor specs in a stock-location bolt-on package.  Combined with a 9-blade TD06SL2 turbine, the STX is perfect turbo for those looking fast-spooling response while still being capable of making 450-500whp with supporting mods.

STX Standard Features:

  • Billet compressors wheel: featuring Garrett GTX style areo 11-blade wheels custom made from billet 7075 aluminum.
  • Low inertia turbine wheel: standard with 9-blade low inertia turbine wheels.  These turbines weigh 1/3 less than standard wheels significantly increasing the responsiveness, low-end torque, and top-end power.
  • Thrust bearing: CHRA built to last with heavy duty thrust bearings for high boost & power applications.
  • Adjustable Actuator: Adjustable actuator springs are available in our accessories section.


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