SteamSpeed STX VF71 Turbocharger Subaru Legacy GT 2010-2012

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These turbos are stock location meaning they are a bolt on replacement for the OEM turbo.  They are designed to work with all aftermarket parts that work with the OEM turbo.  What that means is that if you are "stage 2," our turbo will bolt right up to the J-pipe, intake, intercooler, etc. you've already invested in.

The STX 71 shares the exact same center section as our STI STX 71, known to make 400-450 whp on pump gas or well over 450 whp on e85.  The STX 71 is our largest option for FA20 proven to flow 59 lbs/min!  We recommend it for WRX owners who have built blocks or higher flowing motors.  With so much output from the STX 71, you may run out of fuel faster than you run out of turbo.  This turbo will make a lot more power and torque vs the OEM turbo everywhere on the power curve.

We supply all of the accessories you need to complete the install right in the box, so there is no running to the dealer or part store to find gaskets and studs.


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