STRI Xline V2 60mm Clear Lens/White Voltmeter Gauge - Universal



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The Stri XLine V2 series gauges offer a show-ready yet value oriented option that allows you to monitor your car’s vitals with extreme accuracy. All Stri Version 2 (V2) Xline gauges feature Stri's new and improved stepper motor cased in their signature light weight aluminum casing. The XLine V2 smoked lens gauges have a stealth black face when powered off, but light up in brilliant white or amber LED display and feature a distinctive opening and closing ceremony each time your car is powered up or down. Each Stri XLine gauge includes all wiring, sensors, mounting bracket and instructions to get you up and running in no time.


  • Factory Preset Warning Indicator
  • Hi-Res 270 degree needle sweep
  • Unique opening/closing ceremony
  • Integrated dimmer for night-time driving
  • Brilliant back-lit LED display
  • Light weight 60mm aluminum casing (compatible with any 60mm pod)
  • All gauges listed on this page are electronic, not mechanical


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