Subaru OEM USDM Intercooler Subaru STI 2004-2007

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This genuine OEM Subaru STI intercooler is found on all USDM STI models and serves as a great upgrade for WRX owners looking to get the performance benefits of a larger capacity and higher flowing top mount intercooler. The STI top mount is approximately 18% larger than the standard WRX intercooler and will install directly into the stock intercooler brackets (see installation notes below). One of the best advantages to upgrading to the STI intercooler is the ability to run the pre-programmed Cobb AccessPORT maps for a large selection of turbocharger upgrades without requiring a custom tune. The intercooler comes complete with the cherry blossom red STI logo stenciled on the core, sure to turn the heads of Subaru enthusiasts everywhere. Please note that these are 100% genuine, brand new STI intercoolers that have never been used or installed on any car.

This intercooler will reuse your WRX cast aluminum intercooler pipes and requires a longer turbo to intercooler coupler and a 3inx2.75in (interior diameter) throttle body coupler. Please call for more installation information. Price listed is for intercooler only, does not include STI cast 'y-pipe'.

Core Dimensions: 19inx7inx3.5in

Part Number: 21820aa252


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