Superchips Flashpaq Programmer Dodge/Ram 98.5-12 Diesel / 98-14 Gas

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The Superchips Flashpaq is a fast and guaranteed way to increase the abilities of your Charger. Installation is easy, simple plug the tuner into your OBD2 port and with a few button presses you are tuned! Power, towing capabilities, and shifting speed can be increased to any number of levels with the tunes that are provided. Superchips tuners squeeze out tremendous power and performance from your vehicle without risking damage to your drivetrain. Superchips has seen an average power gain of around 13HP and 14.7 ft/lbs for the 5.7L HEMI and 13HP and 11 ft/lbs for the V6. You can also download more custom maps to work with certain mods from Superchips website for free! 87 through 93 octane grade gas is supported, allowing you the choice of what grade to run at any time, just change your map and go! The Flashpaq will also allow you to fine tune aspects of your car like auto trans optimization (shift points and firmness), removal of the speed limiter, rev limiter adjustment, and fan adjustment. Superchips tuners also function as scan tools, allowing you to read and clear diagnostic codes. Superchips puts the power in your hands with the Flashpaq and we know you will love the results!


  • Adjust Rev Limiter
  • Adjust Shift Points and Shift Firmness on Automatic
  • Cooling Fan adjustment
  • Speed limit adjustment
  • Clear codes supported
  • One vehicle supported at a time





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