Superchips VIVID Programmer 99-11 Dodge Cummins Diesel

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Superchips VIVID programmer powered by the Android operating system is the most powerful and versatile tuning system on the market. The ARCHOS tablet gives users a completely new experience from past systems. Using a 1GHz 854x480 high resolution touch screen display, the ARCHOS connects wirelessly to your vehicle using the included Bluetooth enabled LINQ. This makes the display unit completely moveable throughout the vehicle and allows for a wide variety of uses. The VIVID features full wireless flash tuning and monitoring of your vehicle. Flash tune your vehicle with your choice of four different tunes depending on driving conditions. Tune your vehicle for max horsepower and torque gains when you feel the need for speed. Tone it down and cruise with their fuel economy map. Upload the off road map and hit the trails, this is ideal for you rock crawling addicts! What is that? You say you do a lot of towing, well they also include a map specifically designed to give your vehicle the best parameters for hauling heavy loads. Forget having gauges everywhere in your interior; monitor all your vital gauges on one crystal clear display. This is very useful when towing, racing, or off roading as this is when you are asking the most out of your vehicle. Monitoring these parameters is key in preserving the life of your motor. Keeping up on maintenance is another important aspect and Superchips realizes this. They have integrated a maintenance reminder and code reader into the system. Set oil changes, tire rotations, coolant flushes, and many other maintenance intervals at the touch of a button. If you run into an issue and your check engine light turns on, the VIVID unit will display the problem code so you can fix the problem quick and easy. Another huge plus to this system is an on board 720p HD video camera. Record your trail runs, passes at the drag strip, or just your daily commute! Upload videos straight from your VIVID unit to YouTube and Facebook or take the unit out of your car and watch them directly on your home tv. A 2MP digital camera is also usable when you need to capture a still photo. Other features included are an audio player with 8gb's of storage, this can be played directly through your stereo with an additional Bluetooth adaptor. The unit is also GPS capable with the purchase of a GPS antenna and has a built in inclinometer/G-force meter to measure roll and pitch. To add even more fuel to the fire, the ARCHOS, like all Android systems has the ability to download apps and games for some entertainment on long road trips. The VIVID really is an all in one unit with every feature you could possibly need, there is nothing else like it on the market today!

Included Features:

  • Flash Tuning: 4 maps to choose from
  • Gauge display
  • Inclinometer/G-Force Meter
  • Maintenance Reminder/Code Reader
  • 720p HD Video Camera/2MP Digital Camera
  • GPS Capable (additional GPS antenna needed)
  • Audio player with 8gb flash memory storage
  • Download Apps & Games
  • Horsepower/Torque Gain: 99-02 5.7L+130hp/270tq, 03-04 5.7L + 91-154hp/164-318tq,05-07 5.7L +130hp/270tq, & 07-09 6.7L + 115hp/240tq
  • Dodge Cummins 1999-2011



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