Supertech Forged Aluminum Pistons 89.0mm NIssan 240sx KA24DE

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Supertech pistons are designed using CAD software and Finite Element Analysis to create a strong structural, high performance, yet lightweight pistons for each application.

These pistons are manufactured in Argentina with European technology. Supertech uses an enhanced 4032 alloy with extruded high silicon. Additional copper, nickel, and magnesium is added to prevent thermal expansion, produce excellent wear characteristics, and increase thermal conductivity.

The forging is a 2 to 3 step process that yields a fine structural grain orientated in fibers in the same direction of the stresses. Several heat treatments provide the piston with high tensile strength that is evenly distributed.

The surface of each piston are coated with a phosphate dry lubricant to protect the rings from micro welding to the pistons and enhance the lubrication of the skirt/cylinder area.


  • BORE: 89.00mm
  • OVER SIZE: Std
  • COMP RATIO: 10.5:1
  • VOLUME CCS: -11
  • HEAD CCS: 46
  • COMP HEIGHT: 1.339"(34mm)
  • STROKE: 3.780"
  • ROD LENGTH: 6.496"
  • PIN DIAM: 21mm(.827")
  • WEIGHT: 395grs
  • RING P/N: GNH-8900
  • NOTE: A/N/T

Pistons come coated with Pins, locks and NPR rings


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