Tein Basis Coilovers Subaru Legacy GT 2005-2009

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Tein's Basis coilovers for the Legacy GT are an entry-level setup that feature ride-height adjustment but do not offer adjustable shock damping. Basis are valved for street use and are an affordable, balanced solution to purchasing shocks and springs or sleeve-type coilovers. Tein Basis feature a steel twin-tube design, with adjustable spring perches and utilize the OEM suspension mounts. Because the Tein Basis coilovers are a complete setup, they offer increased stroke over a stock-type setup or spring and shock package, which increases shock life and prevents the 'bottoming out' associated with traditional lowering springs. This kit is also completely rebuildable, making it a suitable long-term solution for most styles of performance street driving.


  • Adjustment Range: F: -0.70" to -2.00" / R: + 0.50" to -2.30"
  • Spring Rate (lb/in): F: 336 / R: 392
  • Upper Mounts: reuse stock
  • Adjustability: height only
  • EDFC Compatibility: no


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