Tein H Tech Lowering Springs Dodge SRT-4 2003-2005



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The Tein SRT-4 H.Tech (High Tech) springs are also produced from Chrome Vanadium SAE9254V steel, which is much lighter with more predictable flexibility than competitors springs. The result is a lowering spring that only slightly drops your SRT-4 and provides an increased spring rate without drastically reducing ride quality. H.Techs are designed to be compatible with your SRT-4's OEM dampers or with most aftermarket performance dampers. Tein H.Techs are an excellent spring choice for daily driven SRT-4's that may see some track and autocross sessions from time to time.

Drop/Spring Rate:
Front: 1.2in / Rear: 1.5in Drop
Front: 173 / Rear: 168 Spring Rate

Part Number: SKG78-BUB00


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Somewhat smooth but....

, Nov 4, 2010
I bought a set of these TEIN H-Tech Springs because I didn't want to drop my SRT-4 too low. The drop is perfect however the ride is somewhat satisfactory. The car drives pretty well however I have the stock shocks. TEIN clames that they work well with stock suspension. My shocks only had 29000 miles on them. However when you hit a small bump or imperfection in the road you hear it and feel it as well. Now if by unlucky chance you hit a pothole...YIKES! It feels like the shocks are going to shoot through the hood! Thats the only thing I dont like about them. It could just be that they dont like the stock shocks and I may have to replace them with some Tokico Illuminas which are adjustable. But If I knew I was going to spend money on springs and over $650 for shocks at the same time, I would of went with some coilovers. Just my experience and I hope it helps out.

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