Tein Street Basis Coilovers Mitsubishi Eclipse 1995-1999

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Tein's Basis coilovers are an entry-level setup that features ride-height adjustment but does not offer adjustable shock damping. The Basis setup is valved for street use and is essentially an affordable, balanced alternative to purchasing shocks and springs or sleeve-type coilovers. The Tein Basis coilovers feature a steel twin-tube design, with adjustable spring perches for ride height and corner balance adjustments while utilizing the OEM Eclipse suspension mounts.

Because the Tein Basis coilovers are a complete setup, they offer increased stroke over a stock-type setup or spring and shock packages, which increases shock life and prevents the 'bottoming out' traditionally associated with lowering springs. The Tein Basis coilover kit is rebuildable, making it a long-term solution.


  • Spring Rate (lb/In): F: 504 / R: 336
  • Upper Mounts: reuse stock
  • Adjustability: Height
  • FWD Adjustment Range: F: -1.2in to -2.9in / R: -0.6in to -2.4in
  • AWD Adjustment Range: F: 1.6in to -3.4in / R: -0.7in to -2.4in
  • EDFC Compatibility: No

FITMENT:Mitsubishi 2G Eclipse 1995-1999

Part Number: DSR56-LUSS2


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