Tomei 555cc Fuel Injectors Nissan 240sx SR20DET / KA24DE

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Advance engine tuning will require increased air and fuel delivery for increased power output. Since this will exceed the stock injectors the requirement to upgrade is a necessity. Increase fuel supply is generally required with almost any upgrades from increasing boost to camshafts to turbos or other forced induction means to allow the increased air and fuel mixture required. TOMEI has the right injectors for the right job on the engines that we specialize in.

The Tomei/Nismo 555cc injectors are direct replacement for the SR20DET/KA24DE factory fuel rail, even the injector harness plugs right in. Most common injector upgrade when running higher boost or aftermarket turbo setup. these 555's are good for 300rwhp application on pump gas, and good up to 400rwhp race gas. Anything over 400+rwhp we recommend Tomei/Nismo 740cc injectors. 

Please note injector O-Rings are NOT INCLUDED. Add $15 to total and choose from drop-down menu on right if you need these. 

Why are Tomei and Nismo used together? Same manufacturer of Nippon Denso for both, injectors are same regardless of brand. We will ship whichever is available.


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