Tomei Expreme Exhaust Manifold V2 Nissan 350Z / Infiniti G35 VQ35DE

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The new version 2 design has all those target aspects met with the additional target of increased power gains. The designs were made and time painstakingly tested both on the engine bench Dyno in a controller environment and on the car in real life uses in the Z Masters race series in Japan. With these tests we found to have excelled in additional performance gains from the previous 1st Version model. 


- With the new performance design layout it is hard to use the thermal bandage to control the heat in the engine bay. So for added performance gains we have also added a heat shield and thermal protector and flexible thermal tube cover. These accessories are all included in the kit and help reduce performance robbing heat.

- For optimum performance the pipe bends are designed to maximize exhaust flow efficiency. The merging section joint angles have all been flow tested and with the smooth pipe layout, performance is maximized with this bolt on kit.

Kit Includes:

  • Exhaust Manifold
  • Heat Shield
  • Stick on Heat Insulation
  • Insulation Tube
  • Tie Wrap
  • Engine Side Gasket
  • Catalyst Side Gasket
  • Header Pipe Gasket
  • Water Pipe O-Ring
  • Bolts
  • Flange Nut
  • Bolt Paste
  • Sticker


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