Tomei Unequal Length Exhaust Manifold Subaru WRX 2002-2014 / STI 2004-2017

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Tomei introduced the high efficiency 4-1 as against the STD 4-2-1. The exhaust efficency of the standard exhaust manifold is not perfect. But Tomei 4-1 type exhaust manifold has high efficency. You could see the change of dramatically driving feeling.

The complete equal length is good for the exhaust intervention but reduce the turbine performance and increase the exhaust resistance. Contrary to that, the not-equal length exhaust manifold can lead the efficiency of other cylinders. Tomei design the not-equal length.

We design not-equal length same as STD that is remained the boxer sound. The clear sound which got dry further by change to the diameter of the support pipe and the stainless steel quality of the material is pulled out and the good feeling could be obtained at the acceleration.


5 customers have reviewed this product.

Awesome Product

, Mar 19, 2015
This product is well worth the price. Very well made product. On my 02 wrx the inner lip on the subframe had to be notched on the passenger side to avoid rubbing but no big deal. I love that it comes with everything you need. IMO however, the wrap is not very nice. There are so many non-fiberglass options now that I opted not to use it.

Great product

, May 26, 2012
Everything in a box, headers, wrap, gaskets, everything... Figment was perfect, sound wasn't what I was expecting.. It's a lot smoother of an exhaust note, less rumble, a bit quieter in cab if u can believe it. Lol but barks around 4g. Money well sent on a quality product. Will not disappoint .

Tomei UEL

, Sep 8, 2011
Good product all part that you need is in the package, no need thinking of ..... Oh S**t i forgot to buy new gasket or wrap. Beautiful headers. Isaac says all that you need to know.
Just one thing there was one bolt that was a PITA to tighten on the up pipe to headers flange engine side.

Great Product

, Jun 12, 2011
I initially installed this on a WRX and felt a huge improvement even before a new tune. The car felt like it should have felt from the factory. A lot more torque and just pulled harder in general. The gains were quite significant for bolt on parts. It is a great deal too because of all the money you save in not having to buy all those gaskets. Those things are expensive. I liked this setup so well I actually took them off my WRX and am putting them on my 2005 STi build. Great product with a great price.

Tomei UEL header and up pipe

, Mar 6, 2010
Had these two pieces installed on my 04 WRX and I am very impressed. There is way more torque down low and the turbo pulls harder to the red line. First gear use to be useless after 3500rpm but not any more. Im on the stock tune and only have a Cobb SRI with a Samco MAF hose. I can actually hear the boxer rumble now with my stock exhaust...a little bit. I'm quite cheap, but this is defiantly worth every penny.

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