Torque Solution Shifter Bushings Subaru WRX 2002-2014



Torque Solution
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This popular item is designed to replace the soft rubber bushing found at the anchor point of your shifter assembly. This upgraded bushing greatly improves the feel of the shifter by eliminating that spongy feel you get when changing gears. Easy to install with simple hand tools. Highly recommended when using our Short Throw Shifter.


  •  Improved 60fts / e.t's
  •  Installs in under 30 minutes
  •  Eliminates excessive Shifter play 
  •  Solid feeling gear change 
  •  Street and track torture tested
  •  95A durometer polyurethane
  •  Life Time Warranty


3 customers have reviewed this product.


, Jul 10, 2013
This install was easier than changing the oil! The gear shifts feel way more slotted. You really feel the difference. 15 minutes tops! Thanks IIR for a great product with a great price. Like was said above just buy em !!

pretty dang good

, Sep 3, 2012
Had them on for 2 weeks and is wayyyy better than prothane i had on there previously. Def worth the price. Just buy em. Also easy to put in with basic tools. 45 mins tops...

Great price

, Aug 6, 2011
Similar to Kartboy just cheaper. Didn't notice that much of a difference. Think the short shifter is 80% the improvement and the bushings 20%. Torque solutions bushings are 20 bucks cheaper then the competition and nearly identical.

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