Turbosmart FPR-800 Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator - Universal


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An upgraded fuel presssure regulator (FPR) is many times necessary when upgrading your fuel injectors and in-tank fuel pump. The FPR is fed from the fuel pump and keeps a steady 1:1 pressure between the fuel pump and the fuel rail it self so that the fuel injectors can pulse precisely at each cycle of the combustion process. The fine tuning of your fuel rail pressure becomes extremely important for high output engines, so if you are planning on a extreme build, a good FPR is a must. Turbosmart offers four volume options for their line of high performance adjustable fuel pressure regulators for fuel systems designed to support 3000 horsepower! All Turbosmart adjustable fuel pressure regulators feature common AN or NPT inlet and outlet fitting sizes, provisions for an integrated fuel pressure gauge as well as compatibility with many vehicle specific installation kits.


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