Turbosmart Spout Tee Coupler Blue Silicone - Universal

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Turbosmart has developed silicone couplers which can be used with a variety of pipe sizes and bends. Whether you are looking for a transition, straight or angled coupler, Turbosmart has the perfect silicone replacement for you. Turbosmart silicone hoses are manufactured from a high-grade silicone and offer superior temperature resistance which makes them ideal for cooling/heating and forced induction applications. All Turbosmart silicone hoses are pressure rated to 220PSI so you know they can handle any job!

Turbosmart 'Tee' couplers are designed to intersect a smaller hose or accessory into larger diameter plumbing. This type of connection is commonly used when integrating a blow-off or bypass valve into custom intercooler piping.


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